Many adoption stories begin with a Lifetime webinar. If you, or someone you know, are thinking about adopting a child, bring all those questions swirling in your mind to our next Adoption Webinar.

When you think about your adoption dreams, what questions come to mind? Perhaps you’re wondering:

  • About the home study process and how long it takes or what exactly they “study.”
  • What birthmoms might ask you when you speak for the first time and what questions you can ask her.
  • How to pick an adoption professional that meets your needs.
  • What open adoption could be like or what “visits” are really like with your child’s birthmom later on.
  • When to begin a path to adoption.
  • What birthmoms are asking for in prospective adoptive parents.

These topics and others could be just a sampling of the ground we cover at our next Adoption Q&A. We’ll talk about any questions on your mind!

Whatever phase of adoption planning you’re in, Sign up at AdoptionTeleconference.com for tonight’s Q&A!

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Written by Lifetime Adoption

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