Recently, on our Lifetime Adoption Center Facebook profile, we asked successful adoptive families what the most rewarding part of the adoption journey was. Check out what adoptive families had to share about their favorite part of adoption:

  • The most rewarding part? Meeting our baby, developing a relationship with our birthmother, meeting y’all in person….I could go on and on….there’s not a single most rewarding…..for my favorite part? Having our baby and bringing him home to meet the rest of his family!
  • When I held my babies the first time!!!!! It was like God said here is my gift to you;)
  • Being in the delivery room and holding our birthmother’s hand, seeing Alaina’s new birth certificate with our last name on it, when my 6 month old Alaina reaches her hands up for me to pick her up. It thrills my heart when our b’mom texts or sends a Facebook message that she’s so proud of the job we’re doing and so happy with her decision.
  • spending the night in the hospital w/Liam’s birthmom & getting to know her as well as taking care of Liam. :)
  • Seeing how the adoption was sooo meant to be! Seeing the babies grow and fit in your family and life just as they should. Both of our experiences were a little bumpy but wonderful. We enjoyed most of it!!!
  • Every single thing I can think of was the best! For each and every step, call, moment waiting, praying led us to Lifetime, our birthmother and then our precious son who turned 6 yesterday. We love everyone at Lifetime, however Libby will forever hold a special spot in our hearts! Our birth mom made the most selfless act of kindness that I can imagine. Her & her family will forever be a part of our extended family. We can’t say enough good things about Lifetime, our birth mom and naturally our son! We love you all!
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