Dear Lifetime,
We haven’t ever felt such joy as we have this past week! Miss Adley Grace was born six pounds, 17 inches long and we got to experience so much with our baby and her birth mom! It has truly been an amazing and breathtaking experience! Adley is just so perfect!

Our birth mom is one of the strongest, motivated, loving, wonderful persons we know! We met with her and had a fantastic time with her and her two kids for a few days…we’ll definitely never ever forget them! We’re excited to be able to stay in touch with her and send her lots of pictures.

This has all been led by our Jesus! We prayed so much for our baby and her birth mom. Things could not have went any smoother for all of us involved! We’re on the road headed home right now. It’s a long way to go, but EVERYONE back home is waiting on this little bundle of joy to get there!

We cannot express how much we LOVE and appreciate ALL of the staff at Lifetime. We could not have done this without you! You two have been our rock from start to finish! It brings tears to my eyes thinking of you two! We pray that God and Lifetime continues to bless lots of other families just like us, that thought it would not ever happen! To all the waiting families, Hang in there, call Mrs. Patty, cry, and pray constantly! There was a time that we didn’t think it would ever happen. It’s all in God’s time! I heard that so many times throughout it all, IT’S the TRUTH though! God Bless and thanks so much Lifetime! We love you all!

-Ronnie & Sandi

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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