With the movie Juno riding toward the Academy Awards, it bears reminding all of us that while the movie portrayed one adoption story, each story is different.

Similarly, each birthmother is different.

It is great to see the movie and get a visual story of this single, fictional adoption. But adoptive parents need to keep in mind that your adoption, your story will be unique.

Similarly, your birthmother will be unique.

Birthmothers are to be treasured. They are truly angels here on earth. Some will let you embrace them, others prefer to be more standoffish. Some will want to hold their baby, others will decline. Some will even want to nurse their baby, providing the once-in-a-lifetime nutrient-rich colustrum, that no amount of money can buy.

I encourage you to see the movie, but don’t panic when your birthmother is nothing like Juno. Don’t build certain expectations based on a movie. Rather appreciate the story that is fictionalized, rejoice that a positive adoption story is finally in the forefront of the media, and prepare your hearts for your very own adoption.

Remember, your adoption story remains to be written.

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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