Jenny wants cake pops for her birthday. Only cake pops will do! You have scoured the grocery stores, bakeries and specialty shops for two dozen cake pops. What? Three dollars a pop? Why, there is half the amount of cake than in a standard cupcake! What’s going on?!? There are still sandwiches to make, prizes to buy and drinks to purchase. There are games to organize and those supplies cost money, too! Now is the time to get creative and make Jenny’s birthday party dreams come true (without going bankrupt in the process).

Autumn Fun Cake Pops:

  1. Supplies: two pound cakes, two tubs of white frosting, orange food coloring, three Butterfinger candy bars, orange candy sprinkles, and one bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips.
  2. Take white frosting and mix in orange food coloring.
  3. Chop cakes in food processor until finely ground.
  4. Mix in the orange frosting, until blended well.
  5. Let sit for about ten minutes.
  6. Form into balls and set on waxed paper in the freezer to firm up.
  7. Melt semi-sweet chocolate chips in microwave.
  8. Dip lollipop sticks in melted chocolate, then stick cake balls on the sticks.
  9. Dip cake pops in melted chocolate, until completely covered.
  10. While still wet, roll in orange cake sprinkles or crushed Butterfinger candy bars.
  11. Poke into a Styrofoam block to set and refrigerate until ready to serve.

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