Biological parents considering adoption for their baby and/or child have requested Lifetime Adoption Center search for adoptive parents on their behalf. Here are a few of this weeks requests:

Seeking: Christian African American family. Continues contact through letters and pictures. Looking for a family to provide a happy and bright future for her child.

Opportunity: A Caucasian baby girl due in March. Her birth parents feel that she’d be most blessed with an infertile married couple who can provide a stable environment. Birth mother has not exposed this pregnancy to any substances and is seeing her doctor on a regular basis. Birth parents are hoping to remain in touch in the future through letters, photos, and visits.

Seeking: Adoptive family to adopt a five-year-old Caucasian boy. His birth parents feel that he’d be best in a home that can provide love and financial security for a young boy. A patient Caucasian couple or single adult is preferred. No contact is desired after placement.

Opportunity: Baby boy due in January, he will be of mixed Native American and Caucasian ethnicity. His birth mother is hoping to place him with an older, Caucasian couple who have a strong Christian faith. She prefers a family who already have children and are financially secure. She may want letters and pictures, but is undecided at this time.

Seeking: A couple to adopt an African American baby due in June. The birth mother is looking for a Christian African American couple who already have a child in their home. Contact via pictures, letters, and visits is preferred.

The first step to introduce you to birth mothers like those shared is to complete your FREE online application at: If you’d like action steps towards adopting, complete the online application to adopt or call 530-432-7373 for more information.

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