Blessings and Tips for Mother’s Day As You Wait to Adopt

by | May 11, 2013 | Adoptive Families Blog

mom and toddler in parkLifetime would like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all of our wonderful adoptive moms, our amazing birth moms and all women who will soon fall into one of these two categories! We would like to reflect with gratitude and awe for taking on the great challenge of caring for one of God’s precious children. For adoptive families, it is so important to recognize the incredible courage it takes to carry a child for nine months and then lovingly choose an adoptive family. It is the ultimate act of love, not only for the child, but for you, as well!

We have so many hopes and dreams for our children. How do we know what is best for them? There is an old song that says, “Love is like a magic penny. Hold on tight and you won’t have any. Let it spend and you’ll have so many… it will roll all over the floor.” The child you adopt and raise will be forever blessed by loving every part of themselves (that includes who they come from). Let them learn about their heritage. Embrace your Birth Moms, because this only adds joy and peace to your children and to yourself…

We would like to share this bit of wisdom from Mardie’s book, Called To Adoption:

  • Be patient (your child is worth waiting for).
  • Network with other adoptive families . Their support is so important!
  • Believe that God has a child for you! Visualize that child in your arms and believe it will happen.
  • Pray with your family. God wants to fulfill the desires of your heart.

Our hearts go out to all you women. From Lifetime’s incredible team of professionals, we wish you a “Very Happy Mother’s Day”!

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