Recently, Lifetime Adoption Center held an adoption webinar with Lifetime adoptive couple Brent and Latonia. This adoptive family shared their open adoption experiences, and also chatted about their unique point-of-view as a transracial family.

You can tune in to a recording of Brent and Latonia’s webinar at www.AdoptionTeleconference.com. During the webinar, Brent and Latonia shared tips for talking with children about adoption, and answering curious questions from others. They have an open adoption plan with their daughter’s birth mother and remain in ongoing contact.

By listening to their story, you’ll be able to learn from Brent and Latonia’s thoughts about strengthening marriage through parenthood, a hopeful-dad’s role through the adoption process, and tips for setting healthy expectations for contact after adoption. Brent and Latonia’s adoption story will inspire anyone thinking about adopting a child!

Here is the link where you may watch their adoption story: www.AdoptionTeleconference.com. Do you have questions about how you can get started in your adoption journey? Call Lifetime Adoption Center to find out the first steps to take: (530) 271-1740.

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Written by Lifetime Adoption

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