One day, two brothers were fishing in the Sea of Galilee. Simon Peter and Andrew were not having any success that day. They were weary and frustrated. The men had cast nets all night long and came up empty.

Jesus walked by the two boats on the shore, where the men were repairing their nets. Jesus decided to climb into Simon’s boat and instructed Simon to take them a little way from shore. Simon obeyed. Jesus spoke with the crowd that was standing on the shoreline. When he had finished, He instructed Simon to take the boat to deeper water and cast their nets. Simon started to protest. They had worked so hard for so long, why would their results be any different?fisherman casting a net

Fortunately for Simon, he once again obeyed the word of Jesus! This time, they were delighted to find that their nets were full of fish. They were so full, that the nets were beginning to break from the weight of their massive bounty. They needed their partners on shore to come and help them!

Who was this Jesus? They knew that he could not be just a man. They fell at his feet in repentance. Jesus told them to rise and follow him. They were now to be fishers of men. Wisely, the men obeyed.

My challenge to you is to cast your nets wide! Rest in the assurance, that God has prompted your heart to want parenthood. Believe in his provision. He will fill your nets to overflowing!

The Lord is merciful and mighty. He knows you have been casting your nets all night long. He knows you are ready to give up and sit on the shore. Go to deeper waters and don’t give up! Jesus wants to use you, too to be fishers of men. He wants you to raise that baby up to know his Heavenly Father.

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Written by Lifetime Adoption

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