As an adoptive mother, I do not believe in chance. My son was brought to us through divine destiny. Many of the adoptive parents, which I have talked to over the years, agree with my assessment. They know that their child was meant to be in their home. They sense the hand of God on their circumstance and family plan.

Louis Pasteur once said, “Chance favors the prepared mind.” The journey of adoption starts years before action is ever taken. The mind needs to be prepared and ready to embrace the adoptive process. There needs to be time to let go of the past. Old ideas, of what family really is, need to be turned away. The new dream begins to take form.

Here at Lifetime Adoption, our wonderful adoption coordinators receive letters and emails from families, years after their adoptions. “Johnny is five years old now. We can’t believe how time flies! We look at our beautiful son and can’t imagine life without him.” Or “Samantha is growing up to be just like her sister. I can’t believe it. They are from different birth mothers. How could this be anything but the wondrous hand of our Heavenly Father?” Or “Our baby daughter is a dream come true for us. Her sweet breathe is a glimpse of heaven. She fits in the palm of my husband’s hand. Our little preemie is the daughter we have always been waiting for and didn’t even know it.”

Our lives move in ways we often don’t expect. Sometimes, the reality of our lives exceeds our expectations. Chance? I don’t think so. There is a greater plan at work. There is a baby out there that has been chosen for you. Will you be prepared to step up to God’s calling in your life? Are you willing to wait on God’s timing? Years down the road, you could be the family that declares that it was destiny that brought them all together.

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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