Joanna Bright is a capable and personable woman. She coaches her son’s soccer team, mows the lawn, pays the bills and cooks dinner every night. She is quick to laugh and cover her son with kisses and hugs. If there is a leak in the sink, she fixes it without complaint. This amazing woman holds down a full time job as an accountant, on top of everything else. Is Joanna a single Mom? No! She is a military wife.

The day Joanna took her vow of marriage, she also agreed to serve her country in a very unique and crucial way. When her husband, Ty, was deployed overseas for the first time, Joanna truly understood. Joanna became a warrior in her own right. Military spouses fight a series of spiritual and emotional conflicts every day their spouse is away. It is a challenge not for the faint of heart.

During the holiday season, the absence of loved ones is felt more deeply. When there are children in the home, it becomes even more important to take a proactive stance. If you are separated from your spouse this Christmas, here are some positive steps you can take to make this holiday season bright and merry:

  1. Hire a temporary house cleaner. It will take a huge load of pressure off your shoulders and free up valuable time.
  2. Send a care package to Dad or Mom overseas. Let your child’s friends help contribute to the box and write notes of encouragement.
  3. Keep your child’s calendar full. It is best to keep busy and distracted.
  4. Keep a large countdown calendar posted in the kitchen. You can mark down the days until Daddy (or Mommy) returns.
  5. Don’t be shy to ask for support. Friends and family want to help you out with your practical and emotional needs. Be open with loved ones. They want to make your life easier!
  6. Make sure that the deployed parent prepares a special Christmas present that is personal and thoughtful for your child to open on Christmas.
  7. Skype, talk on the phone and exchange letters/pictures often.
  8. Pray at mealtimes for the deployed parent, the troops, our elected leaders and for God’s mighty hand to bless the United States.
  9. Invite an old friend to come for a visit.
  10. Join a support or social group for military families.

Our military personal are key to our freedom, we at Lifetime Adoption send our heartfelt thanks and prayers for a happy and safe holiday season.

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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