How many times have you shopped local toy stores at Christmas, only to find your kids have broken or thrown away half the gifts by February? Toys that look colorful and fun may have very little lasting value. Many foreign made toys are cheaply produced and break easily. Your kids are getting tired of the same old thing. Wouldn’t you like to find an alternative?

Some years ago, another mom told me to check out teacher supply stores for children’s gifts. I was wary, but agreed to give it a try. It was amazing to discover quality constructed items that were made to encourage the growth of little minds. The toys were fun and provided long lasting interest for my children. They make great birthday gifts, as well.

My husband and I have just as much fun as the kids, playing with all the cool stuff. Teacher supply stores cater to children of all ages. You will find developmental toys for infants, math games for high school students, and much in between. There are books on animal development, the four seasons, healthy food choices, the weather and much more.

You might ask to get on their email list and receive valuable coupons for future purchases. Certain times of the year (early fall and early summer) inventory is reduced to clearance to make room for the newest items. Teacher supply stores might not have all the latest electronic toys, but what they offer is so much better. Your children will benefit by learning through play. They can experiment, read and explore new concepts that they will be required to know in school…someday.

My favorite shop of choice is Lakeshore Learning Supply. They have over fifty locations that sell high quality educational supplies and toys. Their stores can be found in 26 states, including California, Texas, Ohio and Colorado. They also have an online store that will mail to anywhere in the country. Other options are National School Supply, Edumart, Educational Works, and Teacher Plus Incorporated. Your local Yellow Pages should offer up a complete list of wonderful local stores.

So, this Christmas when you are looking for something different, why not consider shopping through a teacher’s supply? They might not have the cheapest toys all the time; however you are buying quality that will last you for years to come. Start now and beat the holiday rush. Here is a partial list of the amazing educational toys you can find at Lakeshore Learning Center:

  • Grow your own crystals kit
  • Tumbling activity mats
  • Bean bags that teach numbers and colors
  • Magnetic bricks
  • Magnetic kits
  • Light and sound discovery kits
  • Color mixing tubes
  • Giant floor puzzles
  • Lady bug land habitat
  • Butterfly habitat
  • Bug vacuum
  • 2 way magnifier
  • Prisms
  • Balance bucket
  • Binoculars
  • Insects, sea life and plant life preserved in plastic resin cubes
  • Slinkys
  • Fossils, rocks and mineral samples
  • 5 senses interactive games
  • Real geodes to smash and find crystals
  • Plastic dinosaurs and dinosaur books
  • Foam paint, glitter, beads, stamps and stickers
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