Recipe for Indian Acorn Cakes

Fall is here! The leaves are turning gold and red. The scent of wood smoke is in the air. If you are looking for a fun autumn project to try with your kids, making acorn griddle cakes is a little crazy, but fun! In grade school, children start to learn about the Native American peoples that populated the United States, before European settlement. They learn about their lifestyles: how they lived, hunted, customs, beliefs and their food. For many Native Americans, acorns were a staple of their diet.

One taste of acorn meal is enough for most people (it tastes awful!); however, making the cakes out of gathered acorns can be an invaluable learning experience. It is fun and educational. Your children can learn more about our country’s history and the self-sufficiency of the first Americans. It can show your children how early people utilized their environment for survival. Try this recipe and open up a fun and valuable dialogue.

Indian Acorn Mush Cakes

  1. Collect acorns from your yard or a local park. Be sure to pick out ones with worm holes and discard.
  2. Dry for a few days in an unlit oven, on a tray out in the sun, or in a dehydrator.
  3. Remove shells.
  4. Blend well in food processor with water.
  5. Lay a thin dish cloth or cheese cloth over a large bowl and pour acorn mush inside.
  6. Pour cold water over mush and let sit. This process leeches out the bitter tannins in the nut. Tannins also harm the kidneys and must be removed.
  7. Squeeze out water twice a day and add new water.
  8. Repeat this process twice a day for 8 to 10 days. Check for bitterness.
  9. When the mush is no longer bitter, squeeze out the remaining water and dry.
  10. The mush balls can be smoothed out on a cookie sheet and dried in the sun; a dehydrator works well too.
  11. The flour can be used to make Apache Acorn Cakes. This recipe comes from the San Antonio Natural Area Parks News website. Mix 1 cup acorn meal, 1 cup cornmeal, ¼ cup honey and a pinch of salt. Flatten into cakes and fry like pancakes. Eat and enjoy!
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