One of the best things about open adoption is the simple fact that you know who for sure your child’s birth parents are. So if they ever need to know, you have that information for them.

The beauty is that your child will never have to resort to Facebook photos to try to search for some birth family connection like the folks in this recent story.

The danger of this type of “search” is that it opens people up to fraud and potential heartbreak. You are putting information out in the public domain that give someone who may be mentally unstable or simply mean the opportunity to step forward and say “Yes! I’m your birthmother,” only to later find out they were simply making it up. There have been circumstances when this type of emotional abuse can be not only personally disruptive, but sour you to being open and trusting when you do eventually find your birth family.

What a blessing to have the knowledge and the truth available for your child from day one, and they will never have to resort to holding a sign on Facebook to figure out who it was that gave them life.

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