Starting and managing a family can create a tremendous amount of stress and strain on a relationship, particularly when issues of difficult pregnancies, infertility, or adoption are involved. Many studies have indicated a correlation between a higher-than-normal divorce rate and fertility struggles. How can couples safeguard their marriage while growing their family?

Let’s Talk Adoption, a weekly radio program for parents and others interested in adoption, will be focusing this week on maintaining a strong marriage while starting a family. Host Mardie Caldwell will welcome Pastor George Parker and his wife Lilly, as they discus how to build and maintain a strong marriage through the tough times.

With years of experience in counseling and mentoring, this couple offers sage advice with regard to keeping the lines of communication open and maintaining a strong relationship.

Intimacy is a large part of a healthy marriage, and individuals need to continue to grow and learn about each other with every new experience, including becoming parents. Learn more about keeping your relationship intimate and supportive, through the good times and bad.

Please visit Let’s Talk Adoption to listen live at 3:00pm Pacific Time on Sunday, September 2, 2007. In the greater Sacramento area, tune in to KFIA Radio 710 AM.

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