Adopting using the tools available online does not mean that you are going to sign up for a baby at a website and give them your credit card number. Rather, using your computer helps you:

* Access information
* Connect with birth mothers
* Locate and check out adoption professionals
* Network with people who will help you
* Monitor reports of and rumblings about scams to watch out for

You will open yourself up to fraud if you use the internet without taking proper care. Adoption: Your Step-by-Step Guide is one tool that every family should have in their arsenal as they seek to find the baby or child or their dreams.

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I wrote this book to help families find adoption success. One key that all families should learn is how to avoid the common and the uncommon adoption scams that have increased over the past 12 months. Do you know how to spot emotional scammers? What about scammers that are overseas?

Adoption: Your Step-by-Step Guide also includes a directory of over 1,000 resources that can help you as you navigate your own adoption journey.

J. Bloom, adoptive-mom-to-be states: “Adoption: Your Step by Step Guide is actually a great handbook for all, whether you are interested in adoption or helping others with resources. Adoptive parents, adoption attorneys, adoption agencies, social workers or anyone interested in adoption will benefit from it. The strategies that Caldwell suggests will help readers minimize their adoption steps, retain more knowledge for themselves, reduce adoption stress, and save them money. Which we were able to apply much of what we learned to our adoption process.

Although the scope of this book appears formidable at first glance, the author has made it very easy to read, through and simple to understand. The various chapters are organized effectively. Adoptive parents will not find any redundancy or confusion among the text or information.

Caldwell’s quality of writing is also superb; she is an expert in adoption and at capturing the reader interest, not only with her words, but also by adding relevant stories between chapters as well as an enormous selection of web site resources.

You will find the book a great value with rich usable content we referred back to often. We loved the book and are now matched with an infant to adopt, thanks to this great book. I would highly recommend this guide to anyone that is serious about adoption.”

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