If you are one of those extraordinary people who wish to heal children by providing a strong, stable family to them, this is a show you cannot miss. Start today to learn how to adopt through the foster care system and bring hope to a child without a permanent, loving home.

Please join me this week to listen to a wonderful interview regarding the opportunities through the foster care system.
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Here’s more about this week’s show:

Author and lecturer Sharon Kaplan Roszia from Kinship Center joins Mardie Caldwell to discuss the Fos-Adopt Program. Sharon and Mardie will share how to get started, what is needed to move forward and how long the process will take. And while much of the early emotional and sometimes physical trauma experienced by foster children can be overcome with the help of devoted families, Sharon and Mardie will explain what else we can do to provide the support foster children need. If foster care or the Fos-Adopt Program is something you want to learn more about, join us for this very special program. Mardie and Sharon want to ensure that all children have the stable and loving homes they need.

Again, that’s Let’s Talk Adoption.

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