It may seem now that your sweet little baby will always be complacent and immobile. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In a blink of an eye, your sleeping infant will be an active and energetic toddler. Search out your running shoes, because you are going to need them!

Sometimes, it helps to get a little friendly advice from other parents who have “been there”. Thinking ahead is always a good idea and should eliminate many bumps along the parenting road. Check out some clever ideas from seasoned Lifetime Mommies and Daddies:

  1. If you toddler doesn’t like vegetables, why not try adding them secretly to their favorite foods? Try adding pureed fruit to gelatin, pureed zucchini to spaghetti sauce, pureed black beans to chocolate cake recipes, pureed cooked cauliflower to mashed potatoes, and pureed carrots to soup or pizza sauce.
  2. Use a pizza cutter to easily cut up food in toddler size pieces or to cut the crust off sandwiches.
  3. To wash a plastic high chair, you can hose it off out in the yard or run it under hot water in the shower.
  4. Little explorers like to pull the toilet paper roll and then pull it some more. It is fascinating to watch the paper spin out all over the bathroom floor. Try pinching the roll, so that it is no longer round. This will prevent your toddler from pulling off too much at one time.
  5. At any sports store, you will find small orange sports cones. Use them in your yard or driveway to show your child his/her boundaries. Of course this does not take the place of proper parental supervision!
  6. For an easy meal on the go, why not layer an ice cream cone with peanut butter covered bananas or egg salad? You toddler will love the novelty of eating from a cone and it should create less mess than a traditional sandwich.
  7. If your little one gets a splinter, it will show up better with a small dab of iodine.
  8. I have had to throw away my share of clothes, due to liquid medicine stains. Administering medicine in the bathtub (such as liquid Tylenol), keeps baby and clothes clean. This is only if your child is well enough to take a regular bath. Never bathe a child that is delirious or sleepy.
  9. A bag of frozen peas is much softer than ice on cuts and/or bruises. They mold to fit the “owie” and can be reused over and over.
  10. If you have ever had a toddler lock themselves in the bathroom, you know the panic that ensues. Hanging a towel over the door is a good way to prevent unexpected lock-ins.
  11. Once the box of Cheez-Its and Cheerios are gone, throw away the plastic liner and let your child play pretend with the empty box. My daughter loves to play restaurant and use many of our empty food boxes.

Raising a toddler can be a joyous and fun-filled experience. They are learning and growing at lightning speed. The world becomes a wondrous place to discover and understand. Hopefully some of these tips will help you, help your child, and navigate safely through the adventure that is toddlerhood. Do you have any great ideas for surviving toddler 101? Let us know by responding to our blog.

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Written by Lifetime Adoption

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