Here’s part 2 of Lifetime Adoption Center’s two-part series on how you can finance a domestic adoption. Below, you’ll find five creative ideas you can use to afford adoption:


  • Do you have time for a second job? Realistically look at your budget and your time. You may be able to take a few extra hours for a few months to build up your savings for adoption, even if it is taking on something as basic as mowing a few lawns or cleaning houses.
  • What about your skills and talents? Do you do something that could be a blessing to others? If you are a teacher, perhaps you could get a few tutoring clients on the weekend. If you play the piano, perhaps you could offer lessons or to play for parties. Even something as simple as organizing can be a skill someone would be happy to pay you for!
  • Be cautious about “selling” products to raise money. I have seen many families try to sell candy, candles, make-up, and kitchen utensils in an attempt to fundraise. Remember that many people are already overwhelmed with these types of fundraising requests from schools, churches, and other organizations, and it may not yield the most help for your immediate adoption funds.
  • Talk about your goals, write them down, and tell others. Sometimes help and assistance come from the most unlikely sources. Commit them also to God. If this is His will for you, He will help provide the resources you need.
  • Plan a fundraiser, such as an evening for families in your church or neighborhood. A spaghetti feed in the church social hall, a local band to provide music in exchange for the exposure, and a silent auction of donations from friends could help you reach your financial goals quickly through this adoption fundraiser evening. Friends and family members are likely eager to help. Or enlist a local Boy or Girl Scout troop to help. This provides a wholesome family event for the community, too!

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