If you’re just starting researching adoption, you undoubtedly have lots of questions. Here’s an opportunity to get them answered by experts in the field of adoption! Join us for a question & answer webinar next Thursday, April 24.

We’re excited to meet with you and talk about all the questions on your mind as you think about building a family through adoption. Whether you’re in the early stages of adoption planning or if you’ve already moved through the steps to become ready and want to stay proactive, this webinar is an opportunity to get answers to your personal questions and learn from other questions asked by the audience.

SIGN UP HERE to attend Lifetime’s next webinar,
Thursday, April 24th at:
4pm Pacific Time
5pm Mountain Time
6pm Central Time
7pm Eastern Time

Please contact us at Lifetime Adoption if you have questions about the next step in your path to adoption; call (530) 271-1740 or email us.

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