Years ago, my parents gave our family a lovely tin box. It was from Germany and had a hinged lid. It was large, trimmed in gold and had hand painted scenes on the top. There are colorful scenes of quaint German villages and skiers on a mountain. It seemed too special for everyday use, so we decided to turn it into our Christmas toy box.

Each year, our daughter gets a present in her stocking to add to the Christmas box. It could be a small Rudolph, Santa, or decorated tree. It might be part of a nativity scene made of sturdy plastic. There is always something new and fun to add to the box.

The day after Thanksgiving, out comes the box. It is set in the corner of the living room. The lid is lifted and the wonder begins! There are little woodland creatures, snowmen, tiny plastic wrapped presents, and shepherds. The contents of the box are new and exciting each holiday season. Our daughter looks forward to adding to the box and playing with all the fun toys. Because she has to wait until the Christmas season, the box is all the more precious.

I bet you have a pretty box that is just waiting to be filled. Toys R Us has a sweet Charlie Brown Nativity set or perhaps the Rudolph set. Target sells a Little People Nativity, as well as, numerous Santas, reindeer and snowmen toys. Look around your town and see what amazing tiny trinkets you can find. Your baby will love exploring all the sweet treasures.

by A. Olsen

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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