After a long career and a very successful “life” that is filled with material things and fabulous trips to hard to pronounce destinations, many are finding that they are still not happy. This economic crisis that the world is facing has helped some people to step back and take stock of their lives. Watching investments vanish into thin air and the instant recall of years spent circumventing a personal commitment to another person such as a companion or child has caught many by surprise. Despite retaining a certain level of financial comfort, they are in a word…alone.

For many this new-found loneliness and lack of satisfaction will translate into the need to bring someone new into their lives. They will make, for the first time, make a shift in priorities that won’t focus so much on being a part of the “in” crowd or being the “it” person; instead, they will want to become something more…a parent. Sometimes it takes a hard life lesson to help people to realize that life is so much more precious when you have someone to share it with, and a child can make it seem even more wonderful and fulfilling.

Many may have suppressed the desire to have a child and have reach a point, physically, of no return. The biological clock has stopped ticking or the thought of actually becoming pregnant at an advanced age is not at all appealing or realistic for them. In this instance, adoption is the perfect option. As people learn that they have all of this love inside of them that they have harbored, the thought of adoption seems more like a real opportunity for them to finally have that missing piece of their life’s puzzle. I remember feeling so ready to be a mom, that it hurt. I only wish I had started earlier and had adopted more children.

There are so many children available for adoption due to different circumstances. For those that are seriously considering taking the steps to initiate and go through the adoption process, they should realized that it is not simply deciding but taking the proper steps to make the dream a reality. Like anything important in life, adoption is multifaceted, intricate, and for some, a long and arduous process. If someone is serious about becoming a parent through adoption, they must be able to show they are prepared to become a parent and present their case as to their ability to love, care for, and raise a child.

It’s about more than just about “money”. Children don’t care how much money you have. They are not easily impressed by your custom made suits or couture handbag. Children that enter your life through adoption need love, commitment, and a parent that is willing to care for them unconditionally. If that is what you have to offer, then adoption may be right for you.

This global recession is having a huge impact on people and their relationships. From single people looking for mates through matchmaking services to couples looking for a child to shower with love through adoption, the bottom line of it all is that life is about more than just money. Life is about companionship, sharing, caring, and knowing that you are more than just a commodity or talking head. We are all people, rich or poor, great or small. There are many ways to afford adoption. (See Adoption Financing Information for help.)

If this economic crisis has brought you to this life crossroad, then you should seriously consider how to make that next step and open that new chapter in your life. You know that the culmination of your life’s experiences means that you have a lot to offer. Adoption can allow you the chance to give of yourself to another person…a child. The happiness that adoption makes possible will far exceed the years of financial returns that have been the hallmark of your life. In fact, money can’t buy that type of happiness. That real, long term happiness can only be acquired through love, hope, and care…which is exactly what you could give and receive from your newly adopted child.

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