The world today is full of greedy people who do anything to make money, including in Christian adoption. People known as “scammers” will use the Lord’s Word and Christian speech to fool unsuspecting and desperate adoptive couples out of their money.

We have listed three of the most common scams in Christian adoption below, so that you can be aware of them during your journey to adopt a baby:

  • Adoption from Africa (especially the country of Cameroon) – Scams can occur when adoptive couples try to adopt a baby on their own, and don’t use the services of an adoption professional. Without knowing they are dealing with a scammer, they transfer funds to dishonest individuals. The end result is no adoption, and a huge loss of money.
  • Adoption of twins and triplets – Some scammers will say they are pregnant with twins or triplets but not provide any evidence of pregnancy. If she will not contact your adoption professional, that’s a big red flag. So, you’ll need to be careful in these cases.
  • Other Cases – Here are some of the other common adoption scams: sharing a sob story then immediately asking for money, adoption professionals who publicize a need for adoptive families, and adoption professionals who require that you pay extra to be shown to a specific birth mother.

How To Avoid Adoption Scams

Have trust in the Lord, that He will lead you to the baby and to the adoption that is right for you. Believe that God has a plan for your future and will lead you down the road of adoption. This belief will free you to come under the power and defense of His grace, mercy, and love. Trust in His timing. Ask God to grant you the understanding needed to recognize adoption scams, and make the right choices.

Also, make sure that you choose a qualified and reliable adoption professional to direct you through the adoption process. They are there to assist you in avoiding adoption scams. If you have already been scammed, do not give up! There is a child out there for you! If you are working with an adoption professional, be rest assured that they are there to help avoid a similar mistake in the future.

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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