In the course of your adoption, you will need to hire an adoption attorney. It is important to find a professional that is ethical, skilled and has a strong grasp of the intricacies of adoption law. Making the right choice will ensure that your adoption goes smoothly and successfully.

A competent adoption attorney will help you navigate the maze of paperwork and ever-changing adoption law. Laws and regulations vary from state to state, and each combination of states can be different. You need someone who is on top of their game and ready to go to bat on your behalf.couple looking at laptop

Start by talking with your Lifetime Adoption coordinator, they have will have recommendations and they have lots of experience with adoption attorneys. Continue by educating yourself on adoption law. Using a search engine, in a matter of seconds, you can scan information on the answers to your biggest questions. Doing a little research on your own can equip you to make the right choices for your family. Your attorney will appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to acquaint yourself with adoption law and meetings with him will be much more productive.

Here are some questions you can ask of your adoption attorney:

  1. How many years have you been in business? How many years have you specialized in adoption law?
  2. What is your range of services?
  3. Do you bill by the hour or charge a flat fee?
  4. What attracted you to adoption law?
  5. Are you affiliated with any adoption organizations? Which ones?
  6. Will you be available to answer my questions over the phone or do I have to make an appointment?
  7. Will you travel? Is there an additional expense for that travel?
  8. If the adoption does not go through, will you work with us again for the same fee? Will you reimburse us?

Inquire of your friends and family to see if they have any recommendations. Do you know anyone who has adopted? Who did they use? Were they pleased with the level of service? If you don’t have personal referrals, the web and yellow pages can provide lists of attorneys. Your Lifetime Adoption coordinator will be happy to provide additional recommendations, if you just ask!

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