Family get-togethers and holiday traditions make this is fun, exciting time of year for most. However, for families hoping for a child, the holiday season can also become a time of added pressure and disappointment. Well-meaning loved ones often ask questions or share comments that feel hurtful or seem insensitive.

A common question from hopeful parents waiting for a child is: “How do we get through the holidays?”

Join Lifetime on December 13th to discover tips for pulling through the holidays without adding doubt or pressure to your everyday longing for a child.

REGISTER and join us LIVE, Tuesday, December 13th, for an adoption webinar exclusively for families like you. You must register first, and once registered you’ll be emailed with details about how you may attend ONLINE or BY PHONE.

Register to attend Tuesday, December 13 at:
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Once you register you’ll immediately receive an email with the link or number to attend LIVE on Tuesday, December 13th. You may attend by PHONE or ONLINE from a computer, or your Smart Phone. To attend using your iPhone or Droid download a free webinar app. (Please refer to your personal data plan to find out if charges may apply to attend from your cell phone using this app.)

Please click on this link to register for this special Christmas webinar.

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