couple doing taxes together while taking care of the babyMany adoptive parents count on the Adoption Tax Credit to recover adoption expenses as they welcome a new child into their family. It’s important that those touched by adoption speak up and continue to let Congress know that the Adoption Tax Credit is important and an appreciated part of making adoption possible for more families and children.


Please take a moment and read the most recent update (below) regarding the Adoption Tax Credit and then take action. Join forces to protect this valuable tax credit for families built through adoption.


How you can help:

You can help protect the Adoption Tax Credit by writing to your state’s members of Congress and then sharing their response on the Adoption Tax Credit advocacy website. You can share your voice and let Congress know you want them to continue to offer the Adoption Tax Credit to help adopting parents and children come together in forever families.


Who should take action:

Parents in all stages of the adoption process are encouraged to stand up for this important tax credit. Whether you’ve already adopted or see adoption in your future, please get involved. Together, as a community of people touched by adoption, we can make a difference and honor the amazing blessing of adoption. Please spread the word. Ask friends and family to speak up and let their legislators know they support the Adoption Tax Credit too.


As stated in Adopt America Network’s recent update: “Call to Action: Initial Emails to Your Members of Congress – Figure out who your three Members of Congress (2 Senators and 1 Representative) are by using senate.gov and house.gov. Using their websites, figure out the best way to contact each of them (often it will be through an email or a form on their website). Email each of them and explain the importance of adoption and ask for their support in protecting the credit. Be sure to personalize your letter. Speak from the heart and share your story about why the ATC is important to children, your family, or others in your life. Provide the link to www.adoptiontaxcredit.org in your email so they can find additional information.”

Learn more about this breaking news story from Adopt America Network’s website which shares about their Grassroots Advocacy Campaign to save the adoption tax credit: www.AdoptAmericaNetwork.org

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