African American girlMany couples begin the international adoption process, believing that it is easier yet more expensive than domestic adoption. The reality is that no matter what path you choose for adoption, families must be prepared for the risks that can arise in adoption.

Families who had adoptions in process from the African nation of Congo have seen exit visas come to a halt, leaving children in limbo and adoptive parents paying $300 per month to cover the children’s foster care. These are children who have been legally adopted, but are not being issued the visas needed to leave the country. This has been going on for over 12 months yet has been widely reported in the media.

The US State Department has been able to get 19 children released, including 2 who were medically fragile, but the parents are worried because in Congo, 1 out of 7 children die before their 5th birthday.

The journey to adopt for every family is unique. It has ups and downs. Whether you choose domestic, international, or foster adoption, every path will have twists and turns.

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