This time of year, couples often realize that they are ready to begin the adoption process. In fact, the busiest time of year for adoption professionals are January, February, and March!

If you are considering adoption for 2008 or know someone who is, consider these important points:

1. Take time to do your research. A great resource is the book AdoptingOnline.com!

2. Consider starting NOW. You can begin filling out applications or speaking with people during the holidays when it is a bit slower.

3. Talk to your family if money is a problem. The holidays find all of us a little more giving, both in money and in spirit. Perhaps just by discussing your plans and challenges to them, Great Aunt Hilda may slip you a check to help you fund adoption.

4. Savor this time. You may long for a child, but be sure to enjoy yourself now. When you have a child, you will, at times, long for these days.

5. Work on your relationship, both with your spouse and with God. Adoption requires a lot of faith and trust. Do what you can now to strengthen these relationships so that the foundation is solid when times get tough!

Most of all, remember that there is a baby or child for you!

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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