healthy greens to eat anytime, even when pregnantScientists are discovering that inflammation is the culprit behind many of our most dreaded diseases. Diabetes, heart disease, fibromyalgia and cancer are just a few ailments linked to excessive inflammation in the body. Other factors also play a role, such as lack of sleep, stress, smoking, infection and excess weight. However, combating inflammation in the body through a plant based diet can be the key to staving off the worst effects.

Some doctors claim that heart disease can completely reverse itself through a strict diet of grains, fruits and vegetables. For most of us, this is an unrealistic long term aspiration. By setting attainable goals, you can experience immediate health benefits and it encourages even more modifications down the road. Every positive change in lifestyle is a good thing. Check out these natural inflammation fighters:

  1. Kelp is high in fiber, iodine, calcium and other important vitamins. You can eat it raw or dried. I find the easiest way to consume kelp is in the pill form.
  2. Pistachios contain high amounts of plant sterols. Sterols are known to reduce inflammation and improve cholesterol levels. Pistachios also have antioxidants such as lutein, beta-carotene, vitamin A, and resveratrol.
  3. Slippery Elm can be found in any health food store. Besides, helping with sore throats, Slippery Elm is good at combating inflammation in the body. It can be consumed in gum form, lozenge or as an herbal tea.
  4. Tart cherries are touted as containing a powerhouse of anti-inflammatory substances. Dr. Oz even featured the benefits of tart cherries on his popular show. Tart cherry juice can be found at any health food store.
  5. Artichokes taste great and are good for you. They are high in antioxidant power and anti-inflammatories. Maybe an artichoke a day keeps the doctor away. Does that mean I can’t dip them in melted butter?

Many of us are parents for the first time in our thirties and forties. We look young, but do we feel young? Can we run after a toddler without becoming winded? Is our health under control?

It becomes all that more important to take a proactive stance with our health. If we reduce inflammation in our bodies, our health will benefit and we can be the parents we are meant to be. Prevention is the best cure. Being strong, healthy and active as the kind of parents our children deserve. Have any other health ideas? Share with all of us on https://www.pinterest.com/openadoption/.

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