No matter how you personally feel about Halloween, it is here to stay. Some schools have parades. Kids talk on the playground about costumes, candy and celebrations. There are Halloween themed shows on television and decorations on neighbor’s lawns.

Your children can easily get swept up in the excitement and commotion that Halloween brings. Here are some important tips to keep them safe:

  1. Always trick-or-treat with your kids! If they say they are too old to have you tagging along, then they are too old to be out trick-or-treating. Let them have a movie and pizza night with friends. Host it at your home and decorate for added excitement. Have a pumpkin carving contest and movie tickets for the winner.
  2. Go early and stay in a large group. It is true, safety can be found in numbers. Get together with friends and family to trick-or-treat together.
  3. Stick to safe and well lit neighborhoods. If you live in a rough or rural area, drive to a better location. Look for a newer track housing neighborhood with sidewalks and street lights. Newer neighborhoods tend to have younger families.
  4. Check all candy before eating. Wait until you get home, and then look to see if any candy has been tampered with. Throw out any suspicious treats.
  5. Check out local churches for harvest celebrations. Many neighborhood churches offer free harvest carnival. The kiddies get candy and can play games to win prizes. There are games, pony rides and bouncy houses for no charge. No scary costumes allowed. Call around and see what local churches are doing. It is important to offer safe Christian alternatives to all children on Halloween.
  6. Bring a flashlight and glow sticks to alert cars that you are there! You want to be as visible as possible. Bright costumes and glowing costumes are good choices.
  7. Always obey traffic crossing laws and cross at lights if available.
  8. Never let your children go into someone’s home. Stand in a place where you are visible to people answering the front door.
  9. Avoid masks. Use makeup instead. A mask can interfere with vision.
  10. Only approach homes with lights on. If you feel uncomfortable, listen to your heart and go on to the next house.
Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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