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Q: We are a Christian family who has 3 girls (via c-section) and we desire greatly to adopt a son. I had my tubes tied since I had so many c-sections and great difficulty in my pregnancies. From the profiles I have read it seems many moms want their baby to be the first or only. Do you have moms who are open to a larger family and see the benefit of loving siblings a strong family already in place ready to take in a baby?

A: Wonderful question! And one that is very common in families like yours or those that are experiencing secondary infertility.

Yes, there are many women who are looking for families who already have children. In fact, it isn’t that uncommon for a woman to express interest in one type of family only to choose a different type!

You see, one advantage that couples with children have is that they can show photos of themselves actually parenting! A birth mother won’t have to imagine what her child will experience in their family, she can already see it.

If you feel God calling you to adopt, definitely explore your options. God bless!

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