One bright spot in the news are the updates coming from Lifetime Adoption Center. Working nationwide, they are seeing a record number of adoptions completed, especially in the last few months.

“We’ve had 3 babies in the last 7 days, and the week before that saw another 3 adoptions including one set of twins!” says Heather Featherston, Lifetime’s Director. “Birth mothers are choosing families quickly and we are on track to see more adoptions in the next three months than any other similar period in our history.”

Currently working with over 400 women considering adoption for their unborn babies, Lifetime’s staff is available around the clock to provide the services needed for potential birth mothers.One challenge they face are ensuring they have families who are ready to adopt.”Currently, because of the economic downturn, we are finding many families are not prepared to say YES when offered a match,” Featherston reports.”The need for families continues to be great.”

If you are considering adoption, Lifetime Adoption would be happy to review your application at no cost to you. Lifetime also currently offers affordable payment plans.

Are you ready to begin the journey to the baby that God has waiting for you? Don’t wait another day. Complete Lifetime’s free application today!

If you have questions, please call Lifetime at 530-432-7373 to speak with a caring adoption coordinator about growing your family through the miracle of adoption!

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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