Lifetime Adoption’s Founder Mardie Caldwell is nationally recognized as an expert on adoption and adopting safely. She is an adoptive mother and has been working in adoption since 1986. As a speaker and award-winning author, Mardie has appeared in the media many times promoting adoption awareness. Here a quick adoption tip she shares with adoptive parents:

Keep your promises made to your child and to your child’s birth family regarding the amount of contact you agree to. If you feel that you have concerns with staying in touch with your child’s birth family, share this with your adoption professional. They can work with you and assist you in getting through your fears to ensure you keep your promise to your birth family.

Think about this: your child may someday in the future wish to find out more about their birth family. If you haven’t kept in touch with their birth parents, you won’t be able to answer your child’s questions about where they come from. If you don’t think it will be feasible to keep your agreement about contact, you may need to reconsider your adoption goals.

Be honest with your adoption professional about the fears you may have. They can help you to learn as much as you can to help you conquer them. Mardie shares: “I understood how important it is to have the information for my child. I got over the fear of not being as loved as my child’s birth family. Your child is here because you were trusted at the start. Be communicative before time the child enters your home.”

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