One of our Adoption Coordinators, Joan, just received this beautiful update from Lifetime adoptive couple Mark and Chrystal:

“It’s hard to believe that it has been over a year since the birth of our miracle son, Aiden! We just had our adoption finalization hearing. It was a very joyous and long-awaited event. Although Aiden is just a year old, he gave us a great big smile when the judge announced that he was “hereby adopted”.

He is enjoying his time today playing, walking and working on speaking more words. He is a very big boy: top percentile for height and weight. He is such a joy to Mark, myself and the whole family. He is a very happy, smart, inquisitive and active little boy. He keeps us on our toes and brings so much happiness to each day. He is always in a great mood every morning, greeting us with the biggest smile and lots of chatter. You can’t help but break into a big smile back and share in his joy that we’ve all been blessed with another day together.

We are keeping in contact with his birth mother and sending updates on Aiden’s development. We also set up a shared website to post pictures, videos and special dates about Aiden. We feel so blessed to have her as our birth mother. We could not have asked for a better experience than what we shared with her the week Aiden was born. It was so easy to decide that she and her three children would forever be a part of our family. We loved her instantly.

We are looking forward to pursuing a sister for Aiden in the near future! Now that the adoption has finalized we would be happy to share our Lifetime experience with other waiting families if you would like. Please pass our thanks, appreciation and best wishes onto the Lifetime family.

Sharing our blessings,

Mark & Chrystal”

If adoption is on your heart, learn more by contacting Lifetime Adoption at (530) 271-1740. You can also fill out our no-fee adoption application at: LifetimeAdoption.com/apply.

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Written by Lifetime Adoption

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