We wanted to share this adoption update story with you from Lifetime adoptive couple Liz and Richard. This family is actually looking to adopt again! Learn more about their hopes for another adoption.

baby in icuRichard and Liz shared with us:

“Ten years ago today, in the evening, we received the call from Lifetime that Daniel had been born at lunchtime by emergency C-section (one pound, 14 ounces & 13 inches long – 28 weeks gestation.) A surprise for everyone!

So the following morning, we all loaded up & then drove on to where Daniel was in the NICU – 550 miles from home. We made it to the hospital Friday morning. Can you see the size of the pacifier compared to Daniel?! Richard’s party trick is to take his wedding ring off & tell everyone that he could fit that all the way up Daniel’s arm!

We often get asked if it is easy to bond with someone else’s child & with this our first adoption, we had asked ourselves that same question. We can honestly tell you that as soon as we received the call from Lifetime, we were ready to “fight” for our son! There was absolutely no doubt in our minds that he was ours. Daniel’s situation was a little complicated, but as an adoption plan had been made & the birth mom giving us Power of Attorney we were able to make all the medical decisions needed right from the time we arrived at the hospital without DFS becoming involved.

Most babies at 28 weeks do not have fully developed lungs – they need a ventilator to breathe. The doctors told us that Daniel had fought for life in the womb as his lungs were fully developed (surfactant normally develops 72 hours before full term birth) & he never needed a ventilator, just some oxygen once in a while. He was truly a miracle albeit a very tiny one. We were not able to hold him for a week, all we could do was put our hands in the incubator & touch him.

young boy poses for cameraAfter the first eight days we had to go home but came back to visit Daniel each weekend. Saying “goodbye” was hard but we also knew he was in excellent hands & it was only a temporary measure. Daniel was in the hospital for seven weeks before being released at just over four pounds. Daniel had sleep apnea so was on a monitor at night plus he choked very easily on his milk & would often stop breathing when this happened. Of course we were in the hospital when it first occurred – scared Richard to death as he wasn’t a paramedic then! The nurse just told us to flick his feet & make him scream. I can remember it happening the first time in public & folks around just looked at us in horror & amazement! Daniel will still choke once in a while. It is happening less & less as he matures, but happened regularly those first few years.

We are SO blessed to have Daniel in our lives. He is so full of enthusiasm & the joys of life. For some reason this birthday has him more excited than any other. Here is a photo of Daniel today – still with that very thick head of hair which many folks comment on.

We are very excited to now be working on Adoption #4! Wow! Looking forward to seeing who God is going to place in our hands this time.

Take care,
Liz and Richard”

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Written by Lifetime Adoption

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