Everyone wants a comfy home! We want to show the world a little of whom we are through our decorating styles and tastes. Now here comes the conflict… You want a nicely decorated space, however, your budget is trying to accommodate saving for your adoption. What is an artistic minded homebody to do?

Fear not! Where there is a will, there is a way! It is possible to have a lovely home for very little money. There are many tactics to being thrifty, while still throwing in a little flair and personality.

In our kitchen, there is a lovely old desk. It is functional and worn. The chair is an old metal office chair from the fifties. I have a simple white shelf on the wall with baskets to organize all the “stuff” we manage to accumulate. There is a cork board between the shelf and desk to post notes and important “to do” papers.

People comment on the cute office vignette in the corner of my kitchen. It fits in well with the shaker cabinets and stainless steel appliances. The secret is…. (Don’t tell) I picked up the desk and chair on the side of the road! Our home is peppered with thrift store, refinished and throw-away finds! No one would ever know and I am certainly not going to tell them! You too can try a few of these handy tips and give your home some personality, without breaking the bank. It’s as easy as one, two, and three:

  1. Wake up early. Most garage sales and flea markets start at the crack of dawn. If the start time is 7:30, get there at 7:00. The best stuff gets picked off within the first five minutes! The next best time is at the very end of the sale. You can negotiate much lower prices with the vendors. They don’t want to pay to haul away the leftovers.
  2. A matched set is sooo 1990s! It can be expensive to have all furniture, curtains, and accessories match perfectly. The good news is that the eclectic style of decorating is all the rage. Stylists are now mixing different time periods together. The contrast lends interest to a room and gives the space a “built over time” look. It is much more affordable to just use what you love!
  3. Repurpose! Who says that the old planter in your backyard can’t be made into a coffee table? Look around your home and property. Take a stroll through your parent’s home. Are there discarded and forgotten items that you can glean for free? Think outside the box and see what things you can find new life for!
    Old lawn art can be spray painted a high gloss white and used as a focal point in your living room. Paint empty frames gold and arrange on the wall. It is easy to tape your children’s artwork in the center of the frames and change them out as often as you want. The clustered frames create a clean and fun look to feature your little “Picasso’s” inspirational pieces.

Share your great decorating ideas, by leaving a comment below. We are always looking for fun new ways to save.

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Written by Lifetime Adoption

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