purseI have a favorite leather purse. It’s honey colored with tassels and a long sturdy strap. I love the tactile feel of the leather under my arm; the comfort of it. My purse cost me a pretty penny and I am determined to make it last.

Making the best use with what you have can be the key to large savings over time. A nice leather purse can start at sixty dollars and move up from there. The sky’s the limit when it comes to quality and cost. Do you really want to throw away one hundred dollars a year on handbags? With the right maintenance and care, a leather purse should look great and last for years.

To clean the leather, simply dip a cloth into Weiman Leather Care and gently wipe. It moisturizes and protects the leather. It also safely eliminates grime, dirt and reside. You can find Weiman’s at Ace Hardware, Bed Bath and Beyond and many other popular retailers.

Some brave souls will spot wipe with a warm water and glycerin soap mixture. This can be a risky proposition, however. Water will damage many types of leather. If you want to try this method, spot check a small area first.

To condition the leather and keep it looking like new, try a tiny amount of neatsfoot oil or mink oil. Neatsfoot is often found at Equestrian stores and farming supply shops. Make sure to let sit for five minutes, then remove completely with a soft, clean rag. For scuffed patent leather, you can use a dab of Vaseline to polish up the finish and keep it looking refreshed.

Don’t forget, small changes can add up to big savings over time. Your adoption goals can be met if you stay the course. Happy saving!

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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