It is true, prepared foods make life easier. It is wonderful to pop open a bag of coleslaw with carrots and toss in the packaged dressing. There is bliss that comes with washed, diced and frozen onions. No tears. No problem. We have become used to cheese shredded for us; lettuce washed and chopped; carrots peeled and bagged. If you decide to forgo the instant gratification of the “ready-made”, there is good money to be found.

Consider this: if you buy a head of lettuce, a block of cheese and a bag of large carrots (unpeeled), you will find over three hundred dollars in your budget, by the end of the year. When you think about it, our great-grandmothers had to hand wash their clothes and walk to the store. They had to live without washing machines and electric vacuum cleaners. In comparison, we have it pretty easy nowadays.

Wouldn’t you like to save more money towards your adoption and step that much closer to your goal? A wise man once said, “If your dollar won’t do as much as it once did, consider: Are you doing as much as you once did for a dollar?” A little effort can go a long way. Happy saving!

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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