Wal-Mart seems to be a hot bed topic these days. Of course it is admirable to purchase at local neighborhood shops. It is important to support the local community. However, things start to get expensive very fast (especially when it comes to Christmas shopping). Wal-Mart can be a last minute resource for savings when the piggy bank runs low.

Last week, I thought I was done shopping (hooray). red gift box with white ribbonThen oh no… I still need to buy a gift for my son’s teacher, our next door neighbor and Cousin Jack. The money budgeted for Christmas gifts is gone. From this moment on, all purchases go on credit and will have to be paid off in January. Can I still find some nice, yet inexpensive deals? You bet! Here are some bargains to be found at Wal-Mart that are sure to please Cousin Jack and teachers too.

  1. Plush Sherpa throws come in plaid, paisley, animal prints and solids. They are soft and plush on the inside; perfect to snuggle up to the fire. They are only $14.96.
  2. Starbucks Cocoa for two holiday gift set is $10.98.
  3. Olay Soothing Moments gift set is $10.00.
  4. Planter Nuts Holiday Gift set is $7.48.
  5. Hickory Farms Farmhouse sausage and cheese box is $19.98.
  6. Ematic EB106 and Book Reader w/Video and MP3 player is only $24.88.
  7. The VTech Baby’s Learning Laptop and Happy Lights bear is $24.00.
  8. Check out the Munchkin-Mozart magic Cube for $14.00.
  9. Have you seen the Baby Einstein-Sea Dream Soother? It is only $42.99 at Wal-Mart.
  10. You can find the Garanimals Bead Bucket (perfect for baby) at only $9.94.

Make your January credit card bill just a little less painful. See the wonderful deals they are offering at Wal-Mart this month.

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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