Is there something standing in the way of realizing your dream of raising a child? You WANT a child. You WANT to be a parent. You WANT to adopt. So what’s holding you back? Whatever it is, there are many families facing the same questions you have. So how will YOU say YES to your adoption dream today?

Lifetime Adoption will host a FREE live teleconference, welcoming Joan, adoptive mother of 2 daughters.

Joan will share her story, answer your questions, and discuss how she worked through the common obstacles hopeful adoptive parents face when beginning any adoption journey, including:

  • When to move from infertility to adoption.
  • What it took for both husband and wife to get on board with adopting.
  • How they found the peace to stop researching and start adopting.
  • Tips and insights learned that will benefit YOUR adoption today.

Discover what it takes to start the path to adopting the child of your dreams.

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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