If you have already adopted, you know this already. The camera becomes a permanent fixture on your arm; ready to pull out whenever your little pumpkin does something amazing (which is fifty times every day). Here at Lifetime Adoption, we receive amazing pictures of your little ones on a daily basis. It is heartwarming to see their happy faces and yours!

mom taking a selfie with her baby If you are in the waiting mode, you might consider getting a nice camera, before baby arrives. When it comes to “Saying Cheese”, here are some good pointers to help get you started. Don’t you want to take an incredible photo every time? Your little cutie is going to grow up faster than you can imagine and these pictures will be invaluable keepsakes.

With the advent of digital cameras, you only keep and develop the photos you want. It doesn’t hurt to take a load of pictures and only keep the best of the best. Snap away and catch your little one in lovely off guarded moments throughout the day. Erase the not –so-cute pictures and save the rest. The delete button is a parent’s best friend.

Work as a team. Choose one of you to act silly and get your baby to belly laugh. Next, have the other parent get in close and click away. A laughing baby captures personality and a sense of fun. You may want to try taking the picture from an unexpected angle or let your baby hold their favorite comfort toy. You never know what will bring about that once in a lifetime baby photo!

Outdoor pictures can be the most flattering. Experiment by taking pictures at different times of the day. Do the photos turn out better mid-day or late in the afternoon? Most professionals recommend taking outdoor pictures before 10am or after four pm. The angled sunlight can help eyes to sparkle and hair to shine.

Take care with your background. A plain wall or trees works well. Don’t include a background that competes with you baby. Remember, he/she is the star. Avoid mirrors, windows or shadows; and always shoot with the sun at your back. Take these tips into consideration and you should have some amazing pictures to share with the world.

We always love to get your pictures. It reminds the staff of the reason we are advocates for adoption: the kids. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the results of our hard work in the happy faces of your little ones. Keep those pictures coming!

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Written by Lifetime Adoption

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