1. If you start getting the recommended seven to eight hours of solid sleep a night, you can lose up to ten pounds in a year…
  2. Sugar? Juicy juice has a whopping 6 ½ teaspoons of sugar. Serving your child juice has almost as much sugar as soda. Water is a much better choice!
  3. Did you know that teaching your child a second language and/or to play a musical instrument can strengthen their math skills?
  4. Many retailers are installing special “spy” mannequins in their stores. Cameras are set into the eye-sockets of the display mannequins. They are used for security, but also for customer identification. They keep a record of gender, height, race and physical build. Soon, it is rumored theses new mannequins will also be equipped with recording devices. So, if you get the feeling that the mannequins are watching you…. They are. Isn’t that a Twilight Zone episode?
  5. On December 5th of this year, the oldest person in the world passed away peacefully, in her sleep. Her name was Besse Cooper and she was 116 years old! Besse lived in Monroe Georgia. The Guinness World Book of Records recognized her and honored her. Think about this; Besse was born in the year 1896. She was born into a world where the telephone and the automobile were not yet widely used. Utah was admitted as the 45th state into the Union. She saw WWI, WWII, television, computers, cell phones and the microwaves. Besse lived through a period of the greatest change our world has ever experienced.
  6. Did you know that babies understand language as early as six months of age? They can’t speak, but they know what you saying! Baby is smarter and more alert than you think.
  7. Check out your local fabric or craft stores for free classes. Many stores will offer free “how to” sessions. Look on their web sites or ask the manager. It is a great way for stores to encourage customer loyalty and introduce you to a new skill. You get a free class and the store gains a new customer. Everybody wins!
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