It is hard to get little ones to eat their vegetables! If left to their own devices, they would dine on macaroni and Oreos for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Through years of trial and error, I have discovered that it is a war us parents can never win. It is better to let the horse come to water, instead of trying to drag the horse.

Try serving this savory and filling spaghetti squash dish. Your kids will never know they are eating healthy. The squash has the look and texture of spaghetti noodles. It is simple to make and tastes great, too. This one dish meal can be made in the morning and set aside in the fridge, until it is popped in the oven for a yummy dinner.

Spaghetti Squash Delight

  • Bake one whole spaghetti squash at 375 degrees for one hour; Make sure to bake on a cookie sheet to catch any liquid from the squash.
  • Let squash cool, then cut open and remove seeds.
  • Scrape out the long squash strands into a dish.
  • Mix with one can Manwhich sauce and one pound of cooked ground meat (sausage, ground turkey or ground beef).
  • For added nutrients, try pureeing the sauce with cooked carrots and/or zucchini.
  • Put the mixture in a greased casserole dish.
  • Cover with one cup of cornbread stuffing mix tossed with ½ cup melted butter.
  • Bake again for 20 minutes at 360 degrees and enjoy.
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