two women talk on front porch steps about adoptionEven if you find adoption is not part of your personal story, learning about it can help someone you may come to know in the future.

Just this month, we were contacted by a pregnant mother who heard about Lifetime from another woman in her pregnancy class, local to her hometown. The woman who told her about adoption had gone through years of infertility and fertility treatments, and finally became pregnant. However, prior to this pregnancy, the woman had considered adopting a child. She’d learned about adoption and when she became pregnant she put adoption plans on hold, only to find that her research helped a woman facing a pregnancy decision.

Adoption education is beneficial for everyone, even if the path you choose doesn’t involve an adoption plan. You never know who could use the information you learn, or how you could be a loving, understanding support for a person in need! A great way to become educated on adoption is through checking out adoption books. One recently penned by Lifetime Founder and CEO, Mardie Caldwell is Called to Adoption: A Christian’s Guide to Answering the Call. Find out more at CalledtoAdoption.com.

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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