A couple of years ago, I went into our Local Target right before closing. It was late on a school night and few people were in the store. I saw a man unloading boxes and putting the inventory on the shelves. He looked somewhat familiar…. Who was he? At closer inspection, I realized he was the husband of my dear friend, Jane.

Jane and Tom had gone through a rough year. Cancer had begun attacking Jane and the upheaval spilled over into her family. Their days were filled with doctor’s appointments and painful treatments. The bills were adding up. I walked over to Tom.

“Tom. What are you doing here? Are you working?” I asked. Tom was a well-respected and busy realtor in our town.

He looked a little sheepish and answered “Yeah. I took on another job to help pay off some of our expenses.”

I was overwhelmed and full of awe for this man. I left quickly and walked out to my car. I sat alone in the parking lot and cried. He was willing to take on a second job to take care of his family. He was willing to unload inventory for minimum wage to help make ends meet. Tom was a living example of our Savior’s love. He led by serving. He provided by humbling himself. No job was beneath him; no sacrifice too great.

Whatever job we do, it can make a difference in the world. Every person has a role to fill and a responsibility to that role. You may be an unpaid mother. You may be a tireless volunteer. Your job might be to clean bathrooms, stock inventory or wait on tables. Stand tall and realize that you are respected. Your contribution is valuable and needed. There is no job too menial for anyone. If you are fortunate to have a job you love, celebrate! If you need to feed your family and are doing what you can, bless you! You are living a life of integrity and unsurpassed courage. Our country could not function without your helping hand.

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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