Have you ever noticed that whenever there is a party, the guests all tend to congregate in the kitchen? The living room can seat twenty, yet people are clustered together in the warmth and savory smells of the busiest room in the house. Cavernous spaces hold little appeal. They give us the feeling of being vulnerable and exposed. A welcoming hideaway is the ultimate craving of our inner child. We all long to snuggle down and feel cozy.

Our children are drawn to their own hideouts and nests. It is magical to create these intimate and fun-worthy spots for our children to live out their imaginations. Is there an overlooked corner or nook in your home? As your children grow, they will appreciate these little treasured places to play house or just read quietly.

Your house doesn’t have to be a McMansion to provide the “hideout” experience for your kids. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, either. With a little ingenuity, the possibilities are endless! Here are some options to spark your creativity and resourcefulness:

  1. A walk-in closet: I have a friend that replaced the swinging door with a Dutch door (the top half opens independently from the bottom half). He painted the walls to resemble a princess castle and decorated to suit the theme. The “princess” of the house has a place to call her own.
  2. A pop-up tent: Why not set a tent in your living room for a while? Your children can have a sleepover campout right in their own home!
  3. A window seat: A padded bench, some bright curtains that close and fluffy pillows can turn the tiniest spot into a fanciful retreat.
  4. Under the stairs: Do you need a closet under there or could it be used for something much more fun? Many staircases are built-in a way to allow opening up the space and taking down walls. A downy sofa tucked under the stairs can be the perfect place for soulful thinking or a quick cat nap.
  5. A curtained bed: There are still canopy beds to be found for little girls. Many toy stores and children’s catalogues sell gauzy tent structures to drape from the ceiling. What better way to create a room within a room? Boys and girls will enjoy turning their beds into a chamber for dreams and relaxation.
  6. Bunk beds: As a previous owner of bunk beds, I know how difficult they can be for switching out the sheets. However, my children loved the security and comfort that bunk beds provide. They are great for sleep overs and kids can cocoon in their own little “tree house” without feeling closed in.
  7. A built-in dining booth: My goal is to someday own my own upholstered restaurant booth (in candy apple red). There is a spot in my kitchen reserved for this purpose. They are livable, comfortable and add a certain homeyness to any space. Many come in easy to clean faux leather; just spray and wipe. Little feet can walk all over it, no problem.
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