I found a map to a high mountain lake, hidden deep in the Sierras.

It sounded beautiful. I was determined to search it out.

I bought the right equipment.

I waited until the conditions were ideal.

The trail was narrow and the sides were steep.

There was only room for me on the trail.

When the weather turned dark, and the storm clouds rolled in,

I sat under a rock, til the worst had passed.

I felt discouraged.

I felt unsure; Then I remembered the map.

It showed a speck of blue, surrounded by snow capped majesty.

I trusted the map to guide me. I held on to the surety of it.

The journey is taking longer than I anticipated,

But I have heard tell that it is well worth the effort.

They say my mind cannot comprehend the whole of it.

I can see deep muddy prints, from those who have traveled before me

And it gives me courage to go on.

I have been hiking.

I have been reading the map.

Soon, I will see for myself!

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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