couple take a break in their remodeling projectA few years ago, we knew a couple that purchased a fixer upper to completely remodel. On the weekend before construction was to begin, we were invited to a large neighborhood destruction party! About twenty families showed up in grungy clothes; ready to play! Everyone was given spray paint, paint brushes, hammers and even shaving cream. The idea was to paint, play and destroy in a safe and controlled way!

The excitement and chaos continued for almost two hours. Walls were kicked in. Little artists painted their masterpieces. Shaving cream decorated the ceilings. When all was said and done, we did a really good job at destroying the interior of the house. No harm no foul. The next morning, construction crews went to work, transforming the home into a showplace.

Now, I am not advocating destroying your home for a little fun. I am suggesting, if you are considering painting a room in your house, why not have a painting party? Invite your child’s friends over and let them be creative on your walls. When they are finished, it will be an easy fix. Paint the room your chosen color and no one will be the wiser.

I have also heard of a couple that reserves a wall in their living room, for their annual adult New Year’s Eve party. It is always hard to come up with creative and new ideas for adult get-togethers. Put on some great jazz and hand out the paint brushes. Divide off the wall into sections. Vote on the funniest, the most creative and the most professional works of art. Give out a paint-by-numbers set to the winners. Your “Picasso” party will be an event that friends talk about all year. Share your party ideas with us, you know we love to hear your comments.

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