Webster’s Online Dictionary defines waiting as “To stay or rest in expectation” but as any adoptive family knows, remaining stationary and patient until your child arrives… Well, that’s a very tall order.

Once the paperwork is completed and the profiles are polished, adoptive families’ hearts and homes are ready for their longed-for son or daughter. Then, the waiting begins. Many adoptive couples find themselves wondering:

* How long will this take, anyway?
* Is there something we can do to expedite our adoption?
* Is there anyone out there who can help us through this process?

Join us as Adoption Professional, Author and Host Mardie Caldwell and Adoption Professional Laurie Leiser share secrets that can help make your wait for that precious child a little easier.

Listen to this show all week beginning June 21th, 2005 by visiting Let’s Talk Adoption.

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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