Tip for Today: Eat before you start a conversation or talk with anyone – including your spouse, adoption professional or a potential birth mother.

Have you ever had a highly intense conversation when you were hungry? I would bet it didn’t go very well, not at all like you would have liked it to. So, today’s tip is very easy and smart.

Eat before you plan on conversing or talking to someone, especially about important matters.

Often, we make sure our bodies are well fueled before an intense physical work out. Otherwise, we’d run out of mental and physical energy to finish a tough workout. We’d lose our stamina, as well as our focus and concentration.

The same holds true when you want to discuss something very important, such as adoption or when you or the other person may be upset, (such as a stressed birth mother or anxious spouse). So remember to drink lots of water and don’t start a conversation on an empty stomach. Have some healthy food before you speak, pick up the phone, or engage in a face-to-face or online discussion.

If you don’t, you might find you are short tempered and distracted by hunger or the stress of not eating. You could find that your responses are absent your usual compassion and reason. Other symptoms might include a lack of emotion, concentration, or impatience. None of these are conducive to good, thoughtful conversation, and usually, they don’t produce the desired results. It could also lead to heartburn, headaches, or sluggishness–and we all know that when people are tired, they aren’t generally at their best, no matter what they are doing.

So, when you want to come across as a bright and enthusiastic conversationalist, grab a banana, some crackers, or a sandwich. Energize your mind and your body with the fuel it needs, and you’ll bring that energy to the conversation.

A healthy, happy and blessed week to you, and may the Lord provide you with all your needs.

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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